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​     I was born in Jersey City to Cuban parents and grew up in Bayonne, a pennisula with the Newark Bay to the west, Kill Van Kull to the south and New York Bay to the east so I'm used to being near water; I really love NYC and every time I see the Statue of Liberty, I bust out in a big ole grin. I've lived on another, bigger pennisula--Florida for several years now.

     When I lived in Miami where I went to high school and college (go Canes!), I could get to the beach in ten minutes; I'm a bit further now that I've settled in Orlando, but there are lakes, rivers and ponds all over Central Florida. My favorite beach is the beautiful National Seashore--24 miles of undeveloped, unspoiled beaches between Titusville and New Smyrna Beach.

     Besides going to the beach, and reading, I also love dancing--I was once a disco queen! My family includes a college-age son, assistant professor daughter, her partner and their adorable children, my grandbabies, and my partner of 35+ years; my animal family includes Shifu, a beautiful mutt (corgi/spitz) and Paco, a brindle chihuahua of questionable parentage (check the gallery for dog pix). 

     BTW the young woman on the cover of my Everyday Chica CD and chapbook is my wonderful daughter Lilian Milanés--she's sort of my mini-me.




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