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I haven't had a beach day in a LONG time, even before Covid19. My family doesn't like the scorching summer sun, preferring sunrises at the shore.

This summer I have spent a lot of time in the pool--the water is almost too warm by now but my grandbabies loved it and I loved being with them during their visit. Even when no one is visiting, I enjoy the pool; sometimes just looking at it pleases me. Watching rain fall on it or pool toys being swept across by the breezes or the moonlight reflected in it. As the child of immigrants, I never thought I would have my own in-ground pool. In my working class mentality, it was and is the height of luxury to have one. And besides the constant upkeep required that I alone manage (it is MY pool after all), I must be vigilant against the critters that would take over if given the chance. I'm talking frogs, snakes, and spiders. Lizards fall in or clutch onto the sides until I help them out and I've fished out a drowned mouse or two over the years. The dogs are not fans of the pool; they only accidently fall in and then are desperate to get out.

I might get to the beach at some point before the summer is over but in the mean time, I am grateful to have a pool right in my backyard.

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